Fat Hen Farm         at Hen Farm is a small, family-owned and operated rural 
      property situated in beautiful South East Queensland.  Our 180 acres, on the banks of Fat Hen Creek (hence, the name), comprise a grove of over 600 olive trees amongst pastureland where we breed a flock of Wiltshire Horn Sheep and fatten Droughtmaster steers. Of course there’s a myriad fat hens who daily lay us lovely fresh eggs.
Premium quality extra virgin olive oil and olives produced on our own farm and surrounding olive groves is the basis of our Fat Hen Farm range of  delicious, gourmet food products. 
We pride ourselves on our quality of produce, made using only the freshest of ingredients without the addition of chemicals, colours, artificial preservatives or additives; basically anything we are happy to give our own family.
Olive Skin Food is our chemical-free skin care range made from 100% plant ingredients. The foundation ingredient is our own, nourishing extra virgin olive oil which is a wonderful moisturiser whilst being rich in many vitmains and minerals - essential for beautiful and radiant skin.  

We trust that you will enjoy the fruits of our farm produce.  Fat Hen Farm


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